PRP/PRF Treatment

Has hair loss hit your self-confidence in a big way? NIMS MedSpa “Liquid Gold” PRP and PRF treatment is designed to treat not just hair loss, but overall skin tone and texture, naturally restoring your youthful glow with fuller hair and smoother skin. Our PRP and PRF treatments are designed to use elements from your body to rejuvenate and refresh you.

What is PRP/PRF Treatment?

Utilizing platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) therapy offers a natural method for promoting the growth and regeneration of hair and skin cells in the most natural way by using plasma from your own blood. We’ll draw a little bit of blood from your arm and process it to get your PRP or PRF.

How Does PRP/PRF Treatment Work?

The plasma contains platelets with growth factors that initiate the repair and regeneration of skin tissue, along with the production of new collagen and elastin. This transformative process enhances skin health, firmness, tightness, and overall youthfulness.
The platelets can also promote hair growth when they are injected into areas where there is balding. During the treatment, patients undergo a blood draw, and the blood is processed in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from red blood cells. The resulting plasma is then loaded into a syringe for facial or scalp injections. For skincare needs, PRP of PRF treatment can be combined with other procedures like microneedling, microdermabrasion, facials, and dermal fillers for a comprehensive skincare approach.

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Benefits of PRP/PRF Treatment

Natural Restoration
Our clients love PRP and PRF because you get to use substances from your own body to heal yourself. It’s natural — no foreign substances involved. As a result, your aesthetic improvements look natural too. Whether that’s a glow to the skin, a lightening of under eye shadows, or fuller, thicker hair, it looks healthy.
Improved Appearance and Confidence
When you undergo PRP or PRF treatment, often referred to as “Liquid Gold”, you feel like liquid gold. NIMS MedSpa takes pride in the fact that our treatments can benefit our clients in every area of their life. We firmly believe that when people look better, they feel better about themselves, and it shows. From more confidence in social interactions to intimate relationships, watch your life take on the golden glow of PRP or PRF treatment.

Target Areas of PRP/PRF Treatment

PRP/PRF treatment is perfect for stimulating growth and regeneration for the skin and the hair. Some of the target areas we see most often include:
Hair restoration
Under eye brightening
Smoothing the skin
Minimization of pores, scars, and other blemishes
Hair restoration
Under eye brightening
Smoothing the skin
Minimization of pores, scars, and other blemishes
PRP/PRF treatment improves overall skin texture and stimulates the growth of new hair, making hair appear fuller over time if you struggle with hair loss.

PRP vs. PRF: What’s the Difference?

PRF therapy is a spin-off of PRP, so to speak. It combines platelets and white blood cells within a fibrin matrix, fostering the regeneration of hair tissue. However, there are some key differences between the two that will help you and your NIMS MedSpa provider decide which is best for you.
  • Growth factors. PRF provides you with anywhere from 8-10 times more growth factors than a PRP treatment.
  • Concentration. When your blood is spun down in a centrifuge, the componet of the blood with the most weight falls to the bottom of the tube it’s being spun in. Typically, this means platelets fall to the bottom of the vial when the vial is being spun quickly. However, when PRF is extracted from the blood, the vial is spun more slowly and at a different angle than PRP to ensure that the platelets and white blood cells stay at the top of the vial. This makes them more concentrated than the platelets in PRP. That’s why you get more growth factors in PRF.
  • Extraction process. There are non-harmful additives put in with PRP to make the blood thinner, while PRF has no additives.
  • Diffusion of product. PRF spreads more slowly than PRP, meaning that you may not see results as instantly but you’ll probably see them over a longer period of time. Discuss the benefits of fast-acting PRP versus slower-acting PRF with a NIMS MedSpa provider.

Cost of PRP/PRF Treatment

PRP/PRF treatment costs vary based on what you’re having treated and whether you choose PRP or PRF. Schedule a consultation with a NIMS MedSpa provider to discuss your treatment goals and receive a personalized quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discomfort during PRP/PRF treatment is minimal. A blood draw does have to be done, so keep that in mind if you’re squeamish around needles.
The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes to an hour, including the blood draw and processing.
The number of treatments you’ll need depends on the condition being treated. Some patients may experience improvement after a single session, while others may require multiple sessions for optimal results. For example, a patient desiring overall improvement in skin tone will probably see positive results after one session, although they may desire more treatments. On the other hand, a patient who wants a fuller head of hair will need at least 4-6 treatments.
We recommend once a month, especially for clients undergoing hair restoration. Everybody has different needs and we can provide you with a recommended treatment timeline based on yours during a consultation.

Enjoy the Benefits of Liquid Gold with PRP and PRF

Get your vibrant look back with a fuller head of hair or glowing skin. Experience what PRP and PRF treatments can do for you here at NIMS MedSpa. Schedule your first appointment today.

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Services & Pricing Guide

Download our exclusive Nims MedSpa Services & Pricing Guide and learn more about our incredible services and their cost.