Aerolase Laser Facial

Are you ready to elevate skin rejuvenation? At NIMS Medspa, we use the Aerolase NEO Elite, a groundbreaking therapy that uses advanced laser facial technology to precisely address multiple skin concerns, promoting a healthier, more youthful appearance. This is your opportunity to take care of blemishes, fine lines, sun damage, acne, and rosacea once and for all with the Aerolase NEO Elite. Discover the transformative potential of your skin alongside the skilled team at NIMS Medspa.

What is an Aerolase Laser Facial?

The Aerolase laser facial is a facial for all skin types. This gentle, non-invasive skincare procedure uses state-of-the-art laser technology to refresh and improve the skin’s appearance. A specialized handheld device delivers soft pulses of light energy directly to the designated facial areas, enhancing the skin and treating aesthetic concerns.

How Does Aerolase Laser Facial Work?

The Aerolase NEO Elite laser releases soft pulses of light energy aimed at specific chromophores, which are molecules that absorb certain wavelengths of light. This allows the laser energy to be absorbed by pigments in areas of dark spots or redness on your skin. As a result, pigmented cells are broken down, diminishing their visibility and leading to a more uniform skin tone.

Deeply penetrating your skin, the laser stimulates the production of collagen and encourages cell renewal, focusing exclusively on problem areas without harming the adjacent healthy tissue. The Aerolase facial is tailored to meet the unique concerns and skin type of each client.

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Benefits of an Aerolase Laser Facial

At NIMS MedSpa, these are some of our favorite benefits of the Aerolase laser facial:

Achieve a healthy glow

Reduce pigmentation and sun damage

Even skin texture and complexion

Reduce acne scarring

Minimize pore appearance

Receive treatment at any time of the year

This results-driven treatment is high-impact, and we love that we can bring a safe and highly effective treatment across all skin types to all of our clients. The Aerolase NEO Elite can treat any skin tone without inducing burns or discoloration, a common issue on clients with darker skin tones with other laser treatments.

Our clients appreciate Aerolase for its non-invasive approach and lack of downtime. Immediately following each session, you can return to your daily routine without experiencing severe side effects such as peeling or blistering.

Target Treatment of the Aerolase Laser Facial

The Aerolase NEO Elite is truly one of the most versatile treatments in use. It can treat an incredible variety of conditions. Here are some of the aesthetic concerns we treat with Aerolase:

Spider veins
Age spots
Skin tags
Ingrown hairs
Vascular lesions
Overall skin rejuvenation
Rosacea and redness
Dull skin texture
Stretch marks

The Aerolase NEO Elite is popular for its ability to provide natural-looking, beautiful results. At NIMS Medspa, we know beauty is diverse – and we use the Aerolase NEO Elite because it can treat a diverse range of skin conditions.

Cost of the Aerolase Laser Facial

The Aerolase Laser Facial cost will depend on a few factors, mainly what your treatment goals are and the complexity of treating your specific concerns. For the most accurate quote, schedule a consultation with a NIMS Medspa provider today.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend getting three to six treatments once a month. Your specific treatment plan will be based on what skin condition you’d like to treat.

An Aerolase laser facial session takes around 30 minutes, though this can vary based on individual needs and specific treatment objectives. As a non-surgical procedure that doesn't require downtime post-treatment, you can easily fit sessions into your schedule without disrupting your daily activities.

Post-treatment, we recommend simplifying your skincare regimen. Refrain from using any harsh skincare products in the days leading up to and the days after your treatment. Additionally, you should avoid sun exposure and artificial tanning for a week prior to the treatment. After undergoing the procedure, allow your skin to breathe free from products and makeup for at least 15 minutes. NIMS Medspa providers will provide further pre and post treatment guidance for you.

We love the Aerolase because of its’ minimal side effects. You may experience light redness or swelling, but this should go away within a day of treatment.

Address Your Aesthetic Concerns with an Aerolase Laser Facial

The Aerolase NEO Elite delivers a fast, non-invasive treatment that’s effective at treating aesthetic concerns for everyone. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can use the Aerolase NEO Elite to help you, contact our team at NIMS Medspa today and schedule an appointment.

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Services & Pricing Guide

Download our exclusive Nims MedSpa Services & Pricing Guide and learn more about our incredible services and their cost.